Protocol Overview

An overview of products ran by the Henjin protocol.

While the ability to customize pools offers exciting opportunities for users creating them, it also raises concerns regarding security. How can we ensure that custom pools are safe for users, and how can we prevent potential exploitation by malicious actors?

Henjin v4 provides a comprehensive solution to this challenge, enabling customized pools while maintaining audited security measures.

Highly Customizable Features

Henjin v4 offers an array of customizable options, empowering tailored pools to meet users’ demands. These modular components can also be referred to as hooks, akin to the recent Uni V4 update.

Anyone can select and integrate the modules that best align with their specific requirements, allowing for a customised and secure trading experience. Some notable customization options include:

  • Dynamic Fees: Pool commission rates can be modified as desired, providing flexibility in adapting to market conditions & user preferences. Read more about dynamic fees.

  • Built-in Farming: Algebra 2.0 facilitates both limited and unlimited-time farming options, enabling decentralized exchanges to design unique farming programs that incentivize liquidity providers and attract more users. Read more about farming.

AMM (v4)

Henjin v4 formula with concentrated liquidity, dynamic fees and a range of v4 compatible hooks.

AMM (v4)Dynamic feesSwapProvide Liquidity

Hooks (v4)

Henjin v4 hooks are external contracts that execute specific actions at certain points during the execution of a liquidity pool. These hooks enable developers to introduce added features and functionalities to liquidity pools in Henjin v4.

Hooks (v4)

Fair Launches

A transparent and equal opportunity for users to obtain tokens without having to worry about typical price fluctuations associated with the token listing.

Fair Launches

xHENJIN Plugins

Contracts linked to the xHENJ contract. Some are native and directly made by the Henjin team (dividends, launchpads and more to come...).

xHENJ Plugins

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