Fair Launches

The launchpads are open to everyone but are structured to prioritize xHENJ holders. However, under certain circumstances, they might become accessible to the general public

Henjin's custom fair launch model

The fair launch model provides a transparent and equal opportunity for users to obtain tokens without having to worry about typical price fluctuations associated with the token listing. The aim of this model is to ensure that all participants have an equal chance to purchase tokens before they become available on the open market

The sale details, including hardcap, whitelist, and other specifics, are at the discretion of the project team. These details are clarified and provided before each launchpad sale through our X and Discord server.

How is the token price determined ?

The price of the offered token depends on whether the sale employs a fixed price or price discovery model. The specifics are always communicated prior to the start of the launchpad.

Price discovery mechanism example:

Price = Total $ raised / sale circullating supply

  • The fair launch auction begins with a set FDV (Fully Diluted Valuation), and a minimum price for each token is established (e.g., $0.1).

  • Once the auction raises a predetermined amount (e.g., $1 million), the price discovery phase begins.

  • During the price discovery phase, the price of each token continuously increases with every purchase made.

Regardless of when you decide to participate, everyone, including whitelisted addresses, will receive tokens at the same final price based on the final valuation of the sale auction unless specified otherwise.

Fair launch scenario without hardcap

A first freak contributes $1000 during the first few minutes of the sale when the token price is $0.1, and second freak contributes $1000 on the last day of the sale when the token price is $0.9. The final valuation of the public sale auction is $1 per token, and both the first and second freak are eligible to claim 1000 tokens each. The token listing starting price will be $1.

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